Tuesday, November 10, 2015

Creative n Smart way of Rangoli drawing

Wanted to share this creative and smart way of Rangoli drawing which I came across in Facebook by shares. It is very impressive.

So decided to blog it to keep it permanently in the memories...

The video has been uploaded by FB profile by name - Vaidhyanathan S. Cfp. Thanks for sharing!!

This is super awesome or what!!!!!!
Posted by Vaidhyanathan S. Cfp on Saturday, November 7, 2015

Wednesday, July 15, 2015

Baahubali - Realistic Movie Review

There may and are lot of reviews out there about the blockbuster Telugu Movie "Baahubali". But I felt that most of the reviewers were under the hypnosis of the movie's charisma and wrote reviews being biased. So, I wanted to write the review - the real review or real feeling/experience audience will go through after watching the movie.

  • One Single entire Movie has been divided into 2 parts (halves) - part 1 (currently released) being till the interval and part 2 (which will release in 2016) is post the interval. ie., half movie has been released as full movie by stretching it to fit 3 hrs.
  • Usually movies which are released in series like part 1, 2, etc will have each part to be a complete package (full movie on its own) and they don't just end abruptly in half way.
  • It looks to be a very calculated decision (to divide 1 movie into 2 parts) to make more money than what you can make out of releasing it as 1 single movie.
  • We (Public) were made fools but no one seems to have identified it. Why should we spend so much of money on a incomplete movie? But anyway no one seems to be asking that question or getting that question and instead pouring in lot of money (meant earnings are increasing day by day as more n more people are watching it)
  • 1st half movie ie., part 1 was slow and dragging in majority of the portion of its 3 hour duration unnecessarily. Rajamouli's other movies like Eega or Magadheera were not dragging unnecessarily and were crisp and to the point. This would be due to the intention of dividing 1 single movie into 2 halves to make more money.
  • This movie does not give you any thrilling experience or engage the audience with it (we just sit back and enjoy the scenes) like Rajqmouli's movies - Eega or Magadheera. Because he has made it too much detailed unnecessarily and these scenes could have been cut off in editing if it was a single movie like all others. Just because to release half movie as full blown 3 hr movie, the movie has lost the important must have factor.
  • Eega or Magadheera can be watched any time several times. But this movie is only for 1 time watch.

  • Do we have movies made like these anywhere? I mean single movie divided into multiple non-independent pieces? I have not seen any till date though have watched lot of series movies.
  • Does it really make sense?
  • Why there is no review highlighting this feeling of public? Looks like people are just focused on all other aspects of movie (which definitely is awesome) and no one is thinking about the real value addition to the money spent on it. Is it so?
  • All the reviews talks only about the direction, effects, quality, etc... Are these only factors matter for the review? Shouldn't we see the entire package?

PS: I should also frankly say that there is no doubt that movie (1st half) was awesome w.r.t aspects like direction, vfx effects, quality, etc.