Sunday, April 24, 2016

Rx Java

Reactive Java:
Async facde - design pattern

Java implementations:
Rx Java from Netflix
Spring 5
JSR 166 in jdk 9
Very.X 3.0

Observable pattern

Server is producer or observables and client is consumer or subscriber

It is one way communication where server can communicate to client but client cannot communicate to server except about subscription or unsubscription

Hot and Cold observable

We can merge multiple observables into 1 and subscribe to that new combined custom observable.

Sunday, January 31, 2016

Bhumata Ranragini Brigade - bias vs bias

            Today I read about this group trying to bring gender equality and get women equal rights in a temple. While going through various articles on this, I got few questions which wanted to ask them. So, I searched for their website or details but did not find any to send these questions.

             They are:
    • What is the purpose (real intent) behind their agitation?
    • Do any of the members of that group belong to that place or been close to that temple or connected to that temple in any form or know the entire history of the temple? Looks like no, then how can they label something as wrong without knowing head or tail of it?
    • The temple has women heading their trust now which is supposedly after these group's initial protest, which should be considered as win of them. But they did not stop. Also, the women heading trust are also supporting practice of not allowing women. This means that there are women not finding any fault with the practice.
    • In none of the articles, the group has shared a logical reason for breaking the very old practice being followed by many years. Ideally they should have gone through the history to find the reason behind this practice in order to know if that practice is logical or just some men's bias towards women. But that's not the case.
    • If it is proved that the practice is for causing gender bias and not some spiritual science, then everyone should happily end the ban and proudly allow women.
    • Gender inequality is everywhere and also areas where it is much more important to the people's life, which upon changed, can bring lot of positive changes in our country. But here I do not see any such value addition to any at all other than few getting publicity and stint in politics.
    • If the intent is pure, then they should bring the facts of this tradition and get rid of it. They should not just go with feelings regarding something that is not known to us.
    • I had been to that temple some months back and saw that no one - men and women - were allowed near to shrine. So why fuss?
    • Also, allowing women is more beneficial and profitable for the temple trust and local businesses, then also temple is not allowing and continuing to centuries old practice intact. Why? Everyone should think about this?
    • The group is demanding to accept their say just like that. Is that rational and logical and equality? Why can't they research on it? or ask for a committee of religious experts to do fact finding?
    • Also, they have not taken opinions of that city's local people? The members of this group does not stay in that place, then how can a third person who does not know anything about that place can set directives?
    • If there are any implications because of changing the centuries old tradition, then who is accountable? The group will be no where. If someone remembers and questions, they may even blame that too on the trust by saying that "they did not tell us about it". Anyway practically, none of us can identify that something wrong if happened in future is due to break in the tradition (due to which all of our life is so complex).
How forcing something on to someone is equality?

Isn't it using bias to eradicate so called bias?

I have put out my thoughts or opinions or questions so that to really put logic into what they are trying to do. Now that sri sri Ravi Shankar guruji has pitched in as mediator, I expect that he informs us the true reason behind such a practice and helps to resolve these differences, without just being diplomatical or trying to be nice.