Wednesday, January 3, 2018

Bengaluru - Revised Master Plan 2031 - Submitting suggestions/objections

I have submitted my suggestions listed in my earlier blog post to

Deadline to submit suggestions/objections on this Revised Master Plan 2031 by 23 Jan 2018.

You can submit your suggestions/objections to BDA by filling the form available @
The completed form has to be handed over during office hours at
                            Room No.210, 
                            2nd Floor, 
                            BDA Commercial Complex, 
                            Bengaluru - 70 

Extra separate sheets can be attached if needed.

Wednesday, November 29, 2017

Bengaluru - Revised Master Plan-2031 by BDA

These are some of my suggestions for improving our Bengaluru and us. These should be considered into Master Plan 2031 of Bengaluru floated by BDA.

  • Rejuvenation of lakes, and planting of trees on the banks to certain width should also be in the plan. Parks in every area of Bengaluru should also be in the plan.
  • Trees should be planted and grown along side the roads.

Real Estate:
  • Lot of farm lands are being converted into residential and into layouts without getting layout approvals and selling sites terming them as B Khatha and banks are also providing loans for them. This needs to be addressed, else green cover and underground water will go for a toss.
  • B Khatha concept should end and no more land or property should be in B Khatha henceforth.
  • Punishable actions to be defined for all government bodies - sub-registrar, bescom, bwssb, bank, etc for allowing B Khatha or illegal activities.

  • Sewage treatment plant should be there in every ward and that recycled water should be provided for non-potable purpose to every area of that ward.
  • Waste management center should be there in every area of certain sq. mts and must consume waste there - either compost, send for recycling, etc.

Public transport/pollution:
  • Increase the number of public transport buses and keep the fares at check so that public uses the public transport instead of private vehicles.
  • Come up with an mechanism to achieve last mile connectivity from each corner of the area to the closest bus stop which will encourage people to use public transport.
  • Provide incentives or subsidies on electric bicycles so that more people use them instead of 2 wheelers.
  • Buses should not be allowed to load more than a specific number of people.
  • Buses on the same route should ensure that there is an equal amount of interval between successive buses. We have usually seen several buses on the same bus stop at once which is not effective utilization.

  • Everywhere in bengaluru, roads are being maintained every now and then. But quality of that road work is not being verified or monitored for. So road will get spoilt soon and require rework again. This is waste of public money. Proper quality of all road works using scientific methodologies must be made mandatory. Punishable actions to be taken up against contractor, councilor, mayor for not quality work.
  • Roads should be laid such a way that water should not stand still on the road and should flow off easily to the nearest drain to increase the life.

Let me know your opinion about it.

Note: All the documents such as maps, master plan can be found in BDA website at